Jeanene Smith MA, LPC, LMFT

          Parent Coordination, Parent Facilitation & Parent Coaching
More than one million children each year are affected by divorce and family separation.  Half of these children will be raised in families where parents remain in conflict.  Many of these parents engage in ongoing litigation over their children for years.  Children raised in an atmosphere of unrelenting conflict are 4 to 5 times as likely to grow up with serious emotional and behavioral difficulties.  
        Unfortunately you can't change the fact that people divorce. 

Custom Parenting Plans
Almost everyone agrees that children should not be stuck in the middle of any parent conflict.  Parenting is difficult and during a divorce it is extremely trying.  Having a solid parenting plan from the beginning allows the family to move forward effectively.  Parenting plans can be as detailed as the parents desire.  They can even outline expectations for positive communication between parents.  

Parent Coordination is not therapy.
*Encourages mutual respect
*Emphasizes the needs of the children
*Avoids lengthy, costly and volatile litigation in court
*Provides for open, respectful communication
*Utilizes a problem-solving approach
*Keeps control of the process with the individuals
*Identifies and addresses interests and concerns for all        
*Prepares individuals for new lives
Parent Coaching and Parent Coordination at a Glance
What is a Collaborative Parent Coach?
A collaborative coach is a mental health professional who specializes in working with family systems and then has the ability to use their training and experience to assist you as you work with your attorney or financial planner. Their knowledge is valuable in helping you manage strong emotional or psychological issues that might otherwise get in the way of the legal process.  The coach also helps to provide insight to other members of the team that can assist with the process.  

What is a Parent Coordinator/Parent Facilitator and what exactly do they do?
Parent Coordination or Parent Facilitation is a child centered process for divorced and divorcing parents.  It is a form of dispute resolution when mediation is inappropriate due to high levels of conflict. Through education, mediation and case management, the family's progress is monitored to ensure parents are fulfilling their obligations to their child while complying with the recommendations from the court.  

All Parent Coordinators and Facilitators in Texas must be a licensed Mental Health Professional or attorney and have completed all training as outlined in the Texas Family Code.  Many times a Parent Coordinator or Parent Facilitator is appointed by the court, but many times families who are not court ordered but are wanting the best for their family also talk with me to ensure their children are put first and have as little as possible stress that comes from a divorce.

Some of the benefits of working with a Parent Coordinator or Parent Facilitator are:

    *Reduction of the child's symptoms of stress as parents levels of conflict are decreased
    *Creating a more relaxed home atmosphere allowing the child to  adjust more effectively.
   *Enhancing the child's self-esteem and confidence by creating an optimal environment 
       for growth.
    *Educating the parents on the impact of parental conflict on child development
    *Teaching parents anger management and conflict resolution skills in the area of divorce.

If this is something that you would like to talk about, please call and I am happy to discuss how any of these options might be a fit for your family.
You can change the way they parent during and after divorce.